Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prizes for Get Behind Tai Winner!

I’m sure several of you have already heard about the upcoming Get Behind Tai fund raising competition coming up on the 31st of January.  Sally LaSalle has decided to spice things up!

The winner of the competition will receive the full range of SharkBite clothing!  This means bikinis, dresses, boardies, the new ProvoCouture  mesh stocking matching HUD…. the whole nine yards (to be honest, there isn’t a nine yard kilt, but that’s beside the point).

But wait!  There’s more!!!

You’ll also get updates for life!  If my arithmetic is right, this is worth more than 7000L$ on MarketPlace!

But wait!  There’s even more!!!

What if a guy wins?  Yeah, I know, girls dominate surfing in SL, but just what if some guy wins?  What’s he going to do with all these bikinis and dresses, not to mention the stocking matching HUD?   If the winner by some quirk of nature turns out to be a guy, he can designate a woman of his choice to receive all of the women’s items.  The same holds true if a women wins.

Personally, if Nep wins, I think he could use the stocking matching HUD.  I think it would look especially good with fishnets, don’t you?

UPDATE:  Registration closes a Midnight SLT, Thursday January 29th.  If you’ve not registered yet, get you entry notecard and entry fee to Roxy Angel (roxyangel007) as soon as possible. 

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