Sunday, January 18, 2015

No Soup for You!!!

I guess it had to happen.  Like many of my friends in Second Life, I have chosen to now share my 1st Life with the vast majority of people.  Yesterday, when I logged into my Facebook account, I was presented with a screen that my name didn't meet the Facebook standards for a name.  I checked their standards, and to be honest, I don't seen how Kantbe Thursday doesn't meet their standards.

At any rate, in order to get into my account, I have a number of options, all of which require that I provide 1st Life information about myself.

I'm not much different from anyone else, and I would gladly trust Facebook with my home, all of my finances, heck, even my very life.  After all, if you can't trust Facebook, who can you trust (rhetorical question)?

I don't know what they would do with my 1st Life name.  Since the rationale of this change is so that other Facebook account holders will have confidence they're interacting with whom they think they are, I'm not sure I have any confidence that one day (if not immediately) my 1st Life name might appear right along side my Second Life name that I use for SL social networking on FaceBook.   After all, it's not like Facebook ever changes their policies whenever they want.

I just can't have that, so my SL social networking will be limited to SL itself, this blog, my microblog, and Twitter.

I'll miss all the interactions with friends on Facebook, but I simply can't abide by this policy.  Guess I'll be giving My Secondlife more of a shot or looking for something more oriented to socializing with SL friends when not inworld.

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