Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prizes for Get Behind Tai Winner!

I’m sure several of you have already heard about the upcoming Get Behind Tai fund raising competition coming up on the 31st of January.  Sally LaSalle has decided to spice things up!

The winner of the competition will receive the full range of SharkBite clothing!  This means bikinis, dresses, boardies, the new ProvoCouture  mesh stocking matching HUD…. the whole nine yards (to be honest, there isn’t a nine yard kilt, but that’s beside the point).

But wait!  There’s more!!!

You’ll also get updates for life!  If my arithmetic is right, this is worth more than 7000L$ on MarketPlace!

But wait!  There’s even more!!!

What if a guy wins?  Yeah, I know, girls dominate surfing in SL, but just what if some guy wins?  What’s he going to do with all these bikinis and dresses, not to mention the stocking matching HUD?   If the winner by some quirk of nature turns out to be a guy, he can designate a woman of his choice to receive all of the women’s items.  The same holds true if a women wins.

Personally, if Nep wins, I think he could use the stocking matching HUD.  I think it would look especially good with fishnets, don’t you?

UPDATE:  Registration closes a Midnight SLT, Thursday January 29th.  If you’ve not registered yet, get you entry notecard and entry fee to Roxy Angel (roxyangel007) as soon as possible. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

SLSA's End of Season Awards Ceremony!

That's right, The SLSA will be hosting their end of the 2nd 2014 season's Award Ceremony this coming Saturday, January 24, 2015 at Noon SLT.

The event will be held at Solace Beach, just next to the SLSA's home sim, Solace Dreams.  This will be a FORMAL event, so this would be an opportunity to get those kinis washed and hung out on the line.

Put on your best duds and come see if you can recognize your fellow surfers with clothes on!  Please come and support the SLSA and our surfers.  Heck, you might even have a good time.  Stranger things have happened.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting a Little Behind?

Behind is in the eye of the beholder, ya know.  If you’ve not been getting enough behind, sign up for the Get Behind Tai T’ai Ch’i Fund-Raiser Surf Comp Being hosted by the T’ai Ch’i Zen Surf Team.  

The competition will feature the LSD Empty Restaurant Wave.  A LSD rezzer will be provided, but you can use your own LSD board too!  The competition will begin at 12PM SLT on January 31, 2015.

There’s a competition entry fee of 500L$ and will go toward helping support the home beach for T’ai Ch’i Zen.  Fees and registration notecard need to be sent to Roxy (roxyangel007).  Roxy needs your full SL name and whether or not you have any Heat preference.

Everyone is welcome to come watch.  Spectators can watch from a platform on Chi just behind and above the T’ai Ch’i Zen club house.

No Soup for You!!!

I guess it had to happen.  Like many of my friends in Second Life, I have chosen to now share my 1st Life with the vast majority of people.  Yesterday, when I logged into my Facebook account, I was presented with a screen that my name didn't meet the Facebook standards for a name.  I checked their standards, and to be honest, I don't seen how Kantbe Thursday doesn't meet their standards.

At any rate, in order to get into my account, I have a number of options, all of which require that I provide 1st Life information about myself.

I'm not much different from anyone else, and I would gladly trust Facebook with my home, all of my finances, heck, even my very life.  After all, if you can't trust Facebook, who can you trust (rhetorical question)?

I don't know what they would do with my 1st Life name.  Since the rationale of this change is so that other Facebook account holders will have confidence they're interacting with whom they think they are, I'm not sure I have any confidence that one day (if not immediately) my 1st Life name might appear right along side my Second Life name that I use for SL social networking on FaceBook.   After all, it's not like Facebook ever changes their policies whenever they want.

I just can't have that, so my SL social networking will be limited to SL itself, this blog, my microblog, and Twitter.

I'll miss all the interactions with friends on Facebook, but I simply can't abide by this policy.  Guess I'll be giving My Secondlife more of a shot or looking for something more oriented to socializing with SL friends when not inworld.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Do You Spell Naked?

Whether you spell it naked, nude, nekkid, or whatever, the Waterfront Theatre will be presenting a Secondlife version of The Full Monty.

That's right!  Nekkid men on stage.  This is not a dance show, but an actual play.  They recommend that to be able to fully enjoy the whole show and to be able to follow the story line, get all of your AFK stuff done before the show starts so you can sit back, enjoy the presentation, and have some fun!

The show begins at 3:00PM SLT this coming Saturday, January 17, 2015.  At the Waterfront Theater on T'ai.

I have been assured that the guys will "hold up" their end of the bargain and will be end up doing THE FULL MONTY!!!

Come and enjoy the show!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Time for the SLSA 2015 Season 1 Competition Hosting Applications!

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is now taking applications from those who would like to host a competition during the 2015 Season 1 competition season (Feb - June). Dates for competitions will be as follows:

FEB 21 & 28, 
MARCH 21 & 28, 
APRIL 18 & 25,
MAY 23 & 30, and 
JUNE 20 & 27

Applications are made through this Survey Monkey form.

If you have a pair of sims available and would like to host a fun and challenging competition, please fill out the application and prepare for a wonderful (and challenging) experience promoting surfing in Second Life.