Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Coffee Shop and Bar Opens on Chi

Tanya's Coffee Shop and Bar
Now open!!

That's right!  Chi now has a place to come chill after a day at the beach or drop by to get a sugar and caffeine fix before hitting the surf.

Meet with friends for a coffee and a bite to eat. Settle in to a comfy chair and read a book while the sounds of the city envelop you. Come and unwind after a heavy night's clubbing and feed those munchies.

Tanya's Coffee Shop and Bar is also just above a convenient London Underground stop, so transportation is easy.

Come join Tanya for good conversation and music, or just drop in to hang out.  It's a good place for quiet alone time as well as being with friends.

Ready to open for the night

Dancing with friends and enjoying the view

Internationally known surfer joins the fun with Tanya

Friday, November 20, 2015

Global Surf Treaty School Camp

Countess Decosta (Connie) is continuing her practice of providing training and information at her Global Surf Treaty School Camp with a session on the LSD surfboard.  Tonight's class will have all the instructions on how to change your own LSD board, surf and generally help you enjoy your LSD board.
The lessons Friday night for any one that would like to learn to surf.  The waves are hot and rolling.  It will be a challenge.   If you can ride these waves you can ride anything in SL.  Bring your friends and let have some fun!!

When : Friday November 20, 2015
Time: 6pm SLT
Where: Island sea dreams @ The Global Surf Treaty School camp

There's only room for 20 people, and seats will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If the class fills up, Connie will offer another one at a later date.

All classes are conducted in voice, but participating in voice isn't required by the class.  Just be sure to have voice enabled to get the full benefit of the class.  There will be a copy of class materials provided at the end of class.

Global Surf Treaty School Camp offers classes and information every Friday at 6PM SLT that cover different boards, SL surfing etiquette, and just about anything to do with surfing in SL.

Come have some fun and learn about surfing in SecondLife!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

SecondLife Public Surfing Beaches - November 2015

There have been quite a few inquiries as to where people can find public surfing beaches in SecondLife.  There's a list provided at the home of the SL Surfing Association on Solace Dreams.  Look for the Shark warning sign over by the board rezzers.

The list is updated on a monthly basis (mostly).  SL regions come and go and land marks change.  This list is believed to be current at the time of this post.

If you know of a public surfing spot that isn't on this list, please IM Kantbe Thursday.

November 2015 Surfing Sims

  ** THE BEACH ** Rezzing Area
*ATWF - Among The WildFlowers* - The Forgotten Island
*Baja Cove*
-Baja Norte-
aloha Beach
Aquila III - Rez Zone!
BananaZ BeachClub
Black Basalt Beach
Bluff Cove
Breakers III
BS's Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile
Bumrose - Adult Beach
Cannibal Island
Cape San Blas Beach
Chi ~ a portal gateway that awaits you ~ Chi
Cloud Nine Beach
El Diablo - Rez Area by Surf Etiquette sign on beach
Fruit Islands Public Beach & Surfing Area
Jaguar National Park - Race Track, Surfing, Exploring
Japanese Waterfront Marina !! 380 BLIZZARD LAGOON
Kona Beach And Surfing
LaZy DaZe Surf Beach
Lights & Sirens * Surfing Rez-Zone
Lily Beach
Ma Ohi Beach Resort
Maoli Waves & Ramps - Mainstore and Beach
Nadi's Sensual Nights(Island Resort&Beach Club)
Nara Surf Reserve
Nuki-Nuki Surf Shop - Surfboards - EPIC Wave Surfing Beach
Ocean Shores Surf Beach
Pink Lady Castle
Rasta Sand - surf, chill, have some ice cream
Seabreeze -Adult Human avis only
Shangri-La Nude Beach & D/s Retreat
Sharktooth Beach Club & Mall LIVE MUSIC & SURFING
SLSA Surfing , Solace Dreams (116, 25, 21)
Su Casa Naturist
Surf @ Pirate Point Break - Publ, Pirate Point Break (53, 117,
Surf Beach (JAWs) Univ Hawaii
Surfing Zone Action Come Surf the MAVERICK !!!!
Surfside Hideaway-Beach-rezzing zone
Sweet as Honey Surf Beach & Resort
Teahupo'o - World Class Surfing, Teahupo'o (103, 12, 21)
The Dreamer's Island - Surf & Nude beach
The Infinite Islands
The Lovelace Institute Aquila III Research Station
TiKi LOUNGE & TiKi TATTOO, Tiki Tattoo Cove (33, 167, 21
Via Paraiso (190, 158, 21)
Wildchilds Beach Club
A Woman's Touch (men must be accompanied by a woman)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Public Surfing Sim - Island Sea Dreams

[This is a cross-post of an interview conducted for the Surf Side Cierra Theriac and Flynn Sheridan's Surf Side - Surfing in the Virtual World blog]

Surf Side begins another series describing a few of the Second Life public surfing sims from the list of those compiled and made available the the SL Surfing Association’s home sim, Solice Dreams.  In this post, Island Sea Dreams is being featured and it’s owner, Connie Decosta was gracious enough to sit down for a few minutes for the following interview:

Photo courtesy of JT Castanea

SS:  What public surfing sims do you have?

SS:  Can you tell the readers a little about why you decided to create a surfing sim in the first place, and how ISD is different from what you've done in the past? 

Connie:  My real home has always been on the beach and to share this feeling with those that may not be so lucky is beautiful.  I treasure what I have and if one other person can obtain a peace inside or enjoy the surfing  experience then I’m happy.  ISD this time round is just the one homestead. Like the last it does have a small jungle feel about it but it’s more about the waves and making sure they run smoothly. - no lag 

SS:  How long has it been in SL? 

Connie:  This sim has been around for years under ownership of JT [Castanea] and recently renamed Island Sea Dreams about a month ago.

SS:  What types of waves do you tend to run these days? 

Connie:  Currently running - 2 sets of Maoli freestyle. 2 monster waves across the width of the sim (what a long ride that one is hehehe) & 2 Tahiti waves, 2 curlys.  Trying to paddle to the bouy is the challenge.  It’s a good work out for those that love a challenge. 

SS:  Are you a surfer in either RL or SL? 

Connie:  I grew up on the ocean.  My first real surfboard was a 4 fine fever.  It's a shorter board and omg does it carve it up on the smaller waves.  I was 8 when I took to the water on the waves.  SL surfing I love it and do not compete.  I competed in real from the age of 8 to 21 doing the iron woman thing and eating my weetbix. lol

SS:  Are there any special surfing or design features you’d like to tell the readers? 

Connie:  I am trying to capture the reality of waves as much as possible.  Every wave is different and the timing has been changed on each set.  So every time a set runs you could get something different from the last set.  It’s great challenge. 

SS:  Is there anything else about your sim(s) you’d like to tell the readers (e.g., availability of other recreational areas, shops, home rentals, etc.)?

Connie:  No rentals this time.  I have Global Surf Treaty for new surfers - the school camp will open soon.  There is a path the full length of the sim where you ride ya bike etc, hang out with friends round the fire.  There is an off sim hut - you can sit out there with friends but you have to IM in private as you’re off sim.  Great little hidden hangout. 

SS:  Do you have any other regions in SL that aren’t related to surfing?  If so, can you tell us a little about them?

Connie:  Currently No other sims.  I did own a lot of land on the mainland where I had my clothing and jewelry stores.  These are all closed now days.  I just love enjoying my surfing and hanging with my best friends. 

SS:  Thank you so much for your time, Connie.

Bikini - Faboo Teal Wraparound
Beach skirt - Maoli Green Beachskirt

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Get Mooned... Twice!

I’d like to tell you about a couple of surfing sims in Second Life™.  I don’t pretend to be able to write honest to goodness full fledged sim pieces like Flynn did with Blue Hole, but I would like to tell you about Lavender Moon and the new Lavender Moon 2.

As Flynn starts with his Blue Hole write up, “Vally Lavender has done it again”.  This time, she’s done it twice.  In Val’s words, “Lavender Moon is an Adult nude beach for those who want to suntan or surf in the nude.  You'll find old school SSi triple pipes and foamies to add some nostalgia to the atmosphere.  Upon landing take the zip line to the lower beach and please do have fun.”  Watch that landing at the end of the zip line, be sure to let go before you come to an abrupt halt at the end (ouch!).

Right next door is Lavender Moon2.  This ain’t not rubber stamped duplicate of Moon by a long shot.  As Val says about this one, “Lavender Moon 2 is also an Adult beach with Maoli Dreambreak waves.  The jetties cause small waves to caress the beach as you look out to see the prettiest sunset in SL.  Dancing all over the place, hot tub, Spanish patio for posing for photos and of course the LAVA LOUNGE for live entertainment or dancing to your choice of music.”  I did try working out a bit on the chin bar, but I’m clearly more of a hanging out on a lounger type than a Muscle Beach girl.

Lavender Lounge

Be sure and check them out.  Nice builds and interesting views.

[Bathing suit:  Sharkbite Tassie Fire, available inworld and on MarketPlace]

Also posted on Surf Side blog

Monday, May 18, 2015

Long May Bundoran Reef Be Remembered

I know all of the "old timer" surfers in Secondlife™ will remember Bundoran Reef, one of two surfing sims provided by the West of Ireland estates.  But seeing the Bundy Reef set up in preparation for the upcoming competition and the broken surfboard display by the beach, puts me in a one of those happy, yet sad, moods to remember those last days of West of Ireland.

West of Ireland was a bone fide charity sim with ties to real life charities.  In the beginning, Linden Labs provided deeply discounted tier rates for charities.  When they decided they could no longer provide those discounts, West of Ireland had to retire its sims.  Three surfing sims were impacted; Bundoran Reef, Neart, and Crab Island.

The really (really) old time surfers in SL, especially Bobbi LaSalle (Laval), have many more memories then I do about the creation of Bundoran Reef and its sister surfing sim, Neart.  But I was fortunate to be a Reef Rider when Bundy was our home.  In those days, being a Reef Rider also meant spending some time as a service to the West of Ireland charity.  I helped out at Nancy's Pub and had the honor of helping with management of the beaches.

December of 2011 was Bundoran Reef's last appearance and was able to finish with an SL Surfing Association competition.  Although there was much gnashing of teeth, bruises, broken bones and boards, the competition was set up with a combinations of pipeline waves with boulders in the water before reaching the beach.  Bundy's last competition ended up being voted the best competition venue of the season.

Bobbi's current Bundy Reef wave design harkens back to those last days of Bundoran Reef and warms my heart (and brings more than a few tears) when I see how many people are enjoying it and especially the spontaneous and organic creation of the tribute to the rocks (my name for it).

I salute all of you and thank you for letting me be part of your community.

Not many of you probably saw Bundoran Reef on its last day.  I'm also including a picture of the sim from over head.

I'd also like to include a link to a Sun Sets on Neart video from earlier in the year.  This was many SL surfers coming to show their support and surfing during Neart's last week.  It's a little long for a youtube video, but a lot of surfers were there over those last few days.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Waterfront Dancers Presents - The Musical Hairspray; Friday May 15th

The Waterfront Theater folks are at it again. In their 2nd performance for the month of May, the Waterfront Dancers will be performing The Musical Hairspray at 4PM SLT (PST) at their Waterfront Theater on Tai.

The narrative of this stage show is taken from the movie Hairspray and using audacity to adjust it to a Second Life production, produced and choreographed by Diddy Hyun and  performed by The Waterfront Dancers

We will be asking before the show starts to turn off your name tags in Preference/General and check name tags as off, the reason for this is some of us are running as 2 or more characters so this will avoid confusion of the story line and a lot easier visually

We would love you to come along and join in on our fun!!!

LOCATION  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tai/14/202/721