Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Coffee Shop and Bar Opens on Chi

Tanya's Coffee Shop and Bar
Now open!!

That's right!  Chi now has a place to come chill after a day at the beach or drop by to get a sugar and caffeine fix before hitting the surf.

Meet with friends for a coffee and a bite to eat. Settle in to a comfy chair and read a book while the sounds of the city envelop you. Come and unwind after a heavy night's clubbing and feed those munchies.

Tanya's Coffee Shop and Bar is also just above a convenient London Underground stop, so transportation is easy.

Come join Tanya for good conversation and music, or just drop in to hang out.  It's a good place for quiet alone time as well as being with friends.

Ready to open for the night

Dancing with friends and enjoying the view

Internationally known surfer joins the fun with Tanya

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