Thursday, October 23, 2014

Have Ya Seen The Awepic?

I sure as heck don’t know what it’s called, but if y’all haven’t seen the wave that’s running at Bundy Reef, you need to check it out.

It looks and surfs like the old school SSi Epic, is 108m, and doesn’t have any of the old lag issues.  I guess some might argue it’s got plenty of taste, but is less filling.  Hey, maybe it’s an Epic Lite.

It sure looks like a tribute to the old school Epic.  Maybe it’s the New Old Epic!

Get over and check it out before it becomes the Not So New Old Epic!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Live on a Historic SL Surfing Sim

Ch’i - the historic site of the first SL Surfing Association competition and the longest running surfing sim in SL.  Ch’i is a Bio friendly environment intended to promote and encourage an Eco, buddhist approach to life in both SL & RL.  It is open to all spiritual influx in it's many shapes & forms.  In addition to surfing, it’s been a long time favorite place sought out for its quiet serenity.  Ch'i is part of a surfing sim cluster including T'ai, Bundy Reef, and Bluff Cove.

Ch'i and T'ai each also include residential living in an Asian Zen themed atmosphere.  As of this writing, there are a few residential rentals available on Ch’i and T’ai.  Below are pictures and rates:

Chi ~ Hokkaido $2699 per week for 900 prims - Special Zen Hideaway

Chi ~ TiBet $2999 per week for 1000 prims

Chi ~ Crane $999 per week for 500 prims

Chi ~ Akiyama $999 per week for 500 prims

Tai ~ Residence 3 $1999 per week for 4096 square meters/1000 prims

You can have your own parcel for media and sound, you can manage privacy and visibility settings, and you can also use the skies above 250m for skyboxes.

Come and live on Ch'i or T'ai today !

Please contact Sally LaSalle or Kantbe Thursday if interested in a residential rental.

Ch'i photo courtesy of JT Castanea

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bundy Reef C-3 Open Competition Results

Despite some last minute Heat changes and some confusion as to who would be wearing Annie’s panties, the Bundy Reef C-3 Open Competition was held as scheduled.  In fact, Annie sure showed everyone who was wearing the pants that day!!

Congratulations to all the competitors!  Check out the scores and below that, see some pictures from the competition courtesy of JT Castanea.

Annie with her pants on

The Judges (hiding their beer)
Colleen cheering on the surfers
Waiting their turn


Lanky (a Chi resident)


Rayz (T'ai Resident)


Sunny (Shoot'n for the Moon)

Thanks for these great shots, JT!