Friday, November 28, 2014

Not So Black Black Friday Special on Chi

Sally LaSalle is offering a special deal the Week of Black Friday this year!  I stole, er, generously paraphrased her recent post to the SL Surfing Association:

"Hi !! :D ... we have Big Discounts on 3 cute and beautiful secluded residences on CHI :) 
Great little spot, walking distance to 4 awesome surf breaks , Chi, Tai, Bundy Reef and Bluff Cove!!
Secluded and beautifully landscaped.

Rent this week and LOCK IN the DISCOUNTED RATE for the duration of your stay on Chi !! :D

The Crane Residence
( a home custom built by Bobbi LaSalle)
down from 999 to only 799 L per week !!
500 prims

The Singapore Residence
down from 999 to only 749 L per week
500 Prims

Akayami Falls Residence
one of the most beautiful little homes on SL, gardens and nearby Waterfalls 
down from 999 to just 749 L  per week
400 prims

you have your own parcel for media and sound, you can manage privacy and visibility settings, and you can also use the skies above 250m for skyboxes.

Come and live on CHi today ! :) 

- Sally LaSalle"

If interested or want more information, contact Sally LaSalle or Kantbe Thursday

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crah-asy Waves

Stolen, er, cross posted from a group notice to Bluff Cove by Cierra Theriac:

A hurricane must have gone through, because the waves were crah-azy!  But the swell seems to have settled down and is running beautifully. Three Freestyle waves are coming in, including our favorite diagonal wave.

If you ever notice the weather go nuts here and jack up the waves, please let me know so we can get Poseidon over right away to smooth things over.

Mahalo, Cierra