Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting a Little Behind?

Behind is in the eye of the beholder, ya know.  If you’ve not been getting enough behind, sign up for the Get Behind Tai T’ai Ch’i Fund-Raiser Surf Comp Being hosted by the T’ai Ch’i Zen Surf Team.  

The competition will feature the LSD Empty Restaurant Wave.  A LSD rezzer will be provided, but you can use your own LSD board too!  The competition will begin at 12PM SLT on January 31, 2015.

There’s a competition entry fee of 500L$ and will go toward helping support the home beach for T’ai Ch’i Zen.  Fees and registration notecard need to be sent to Roxy (roxyangel007).  Roxy needs your full SL name and whether or not you have any Heat preference.

Everyone is welcome to come watch.  Spectators can watch from a platform on Chi just behind and above the T’ai Ch’i Zen club house.

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