Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thar Be Pirates Out Thar!!!

Those dad burned pirates have been at it again!  Lots of buried treasure to be found, matie!  

The FIRST Annual
Sand and Sea Expo
May 2-5, 2013


Avast! There's treasure buried in these sands!

That dastardly pirate, Captain Flint, is rumored to have hidden treasure all over this island (and even in the surrounding waters)! While she never made a map to her treasure (people might have found the treasure then!), it's rumored that she marked her treasures by placing a pink shell over where they're buried.

Of course, there are lots of shells on an island like this. But, if you dig under the shells, you may find some great treasure!

More details and examples of some of the buried treasure can be found on the Sand and Sea Expo blog.

Better take a friend to watch your back.  Ye never be know'n if'n pirates be lurk'n 'bout, look'n fir more bootie!

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