Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SLSA Meet Your Candidates

Stolen, er, cross-posted from Cierra Theriac's posting to the SL Surfing Association's web-based discussion forum.

Below are the nominations that were received for the three opening seats on the Board of Directors. They are listed in the order they were received.

My Name is JohnnyWhadd and I wish to stand for election and an SLSA Director. I am willing and able to serve the full six month term from the dates needed of me and/or beyond.

As a person who lives life to love, laugh & learn, I have been fortunate enough to provide my efforts and my skillset in a variety of capacities. First, starting in High School, i volunteered at St. Josephs Hospital as an ER tech, then, moved to FLA where I learned to surf in rl and worked as a p/t lifeguard in Grayton Beach. This is where I learned to surf and to love mother ocean. Through the next decade, I found myself helping out with AWARE (animal Welfare and rescue) Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, i am a certified C.E.R.T. officer, Managed fund-raising efforts for the GRRA (Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta), and recently, Have been assisting in the educating of our youth in the areas of our Constitution and 2nd amendment rights. I was taught at an early age that it's really not about what ya got, but rather what you give! So I am here to be the best person i can, to help and recruit newcomers and to win as many comps as possible. >.< 

I would like to gain a healthy knowledge base which would allow for possibly another term as a director. 

Being as new as I am to the SLSA, I am gaining more and more of an understanding of what this great organization is all about. At the moment, I really do not see an adverse issue but will keep an open mind to assess and apply my best efforts to resolve.


I have read the SLSA Constitution, and understand the importance of how the SLSA is organized and somewhat of how it operates. it was created in the first place.


I am sending my Intent to run to the currently sitting directors
Cierra Theriac
iLaurenB Resident
Dax Kona
Willowwyn Resident


I iLaurenB Resident hereby claim my willingness and ability to serve a full term as a director of the SLSA. I am currently affiliated with Team Montego and also have almost completed my first full 6 month term as Director . In the future I plan on owning a sim that will be associated for the SLSA. I was encouraged by a couple of people to join the SLSA community therefore I am now currently competing for the second season. I have learned what its like to just go out and have fun with people that like to do what I like as well. Since joining the community I have became more confident and less doubtful of myself. I've learned things day to day from some of my mentors and have grown much more into the SLSA. Because of them, I would just like to give and reach out to the community that will last worth while for the better. My vision for the SLSA is to become more growing as a surf community. To do that I envision to hold events getting us closer for what we can be. I think if we put a variety of boards for competitions it will become more effective to the community and also have more learning experience for others. With saying that, I hope the best for such an awesome and outgoing group of surfers!


I'm Alvaro Pevensey, I'm willing and able to commit my time and serve a full term. I'm a Team Tai Chi Zen member, I don't own any products or teams, I just love to surf. 

I started surfing around the start of 2009, On Mori. I also had a hut in Monkey Cove and surfed there as well. I started competing last season, the second of 2012 and absolutely loved it, the atmosphere and the friendships. I see the SLSA as a link between us all, keeping surf alive and helping others to love surfing for the sake of surfing. I'm canadian, in Toronto, I've worked in advertising all my life, I'm fully bilingual, english/spanish, and would like to contribute with that to the SLSA and all its members, current and all new members we might turn into surfers. 

That's all, thank you.

– Alvaro

My name is Robbin Ember.

I am ready and willing to serve a term, as I have before, on the board.

I am affiliated with Montego, for fun and friends.

I have no commercial affiliations.

I have some experience, but I have no patience or use for small clicks or political groups. I just know that I love this group, and have many friends, and that is most important.

As I have posted before, believe it or not, my feelings and thoughts are all in the shape of a heart, always, and that is my only interest. 

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