Monday, December 10, 2012

SL™ Public Surfing Sim Updates

There are a few places one can check to see lists of public surfing sims in Second Life™.  "In world", there's a information and freebie "giver" sign next to the loaner surfboard rezzer on the beach of the SL Surfing Association's (SLSA) home at Solace Dreams.  Just touch the sign to get the freebies, information notecards, and a list of land marks to some of the known public surfing spots.

The Surfwatch Wave Report has also just had updates to both the list by wave type and the alphabetical list.

Another good source for SL™ surfing sims is on Cierra Theriac's blog, Surf Side.  Cierra has a section on Surf Spots where she makes note of the type of wave at each location.

While you're at Cierra's blog, check out the post about the upcoming end of the season celebration and awards ceremony for the SLSA.

If you happen to check out the in-world surfing sim list, take a stroll over to the SLSA Hall of Fame building and give it a look-see.

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