Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Mayan Calendar Discovery

Well, I guess most of us made it past the apocalypse.  I heard through a potentially, though probably not too likely, reliable source that after months of meticulous archeological care in excavating the site of the definitive Mayan calendar, a team of German archeologists made an astounding discovery.

This team of scientists, through the use of the most state of the art technologies now available in imaging and mass spectrometer analysis determined there were other carvings on the underneath yet still buried side of the calendar.  Due to the age and fragile nature of the stone, great care and months of effort finally allowed the stone to be turned.

On the back side, the scientists discovered a 2013 calendar!  When the press secretary from The World Ends Today Organization (aka, Kiss Your Butt Goodbye Society) was contacted for their official response to this discovery, Ms Mala Justid's only remark was, "never mind".

In hind sight, maybe we should have paid more attention to the central image in the carvings... a Mayan face sticking its tongue out at all of us... probably wasn't an accident.

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