Thursday, April 3, 2014

Public Surfing Sim List for April

The April updates to my public surfing sim list is posted.  You can find it at the shark warning sign at the home of the SLSA on Solace Dreams, at the landing point billboard on El Diablo, and in the information center at Encinitas on the Grid.

Please me holler at me (well, maybe just IM me politely) if you know of any that aren't on the list.


  1. Hi your blog. Where can I find the complete list of surfing sims?
    Thanks Vally

  2. Thanks!
    I'll be working on my May updates soon. I update the Shark Warning sign on Solace Dreams when I'm done and give out a copy for posting at El Diablo and Encinitas on the Grid. El Diablo has a bulletin board at the Landing Point, and Revy has a sign in her surfing resource center.