Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memorial Observance

Sometimes one really does need to take somethings seriously.  I prefer not to very often, but this is a case where I will.

As some of you may know, MaryAnn Maa’s mother passed away recently. All friends of Maryann Maa or anyone interested in supporting Mary is cordially invited to be at Tsunami Beach Tropicana on Wednesday April 9th at 6PM SLT as her SecondLife family will gather and show support for Mary in a memorial observance of the recent passing of her mother.  As Mary held her Mother’s hand in those last days, it’s our time to show our support and offer a hand to Mary.

As it says in the sand at El Diablo:

[thanks to Brooke Leung and Mama (El Elephas) of El Diablo]

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