Saturday, January 5, 2013

Very Preggy Revy Gives Birth

Well… kinda sorta…  If you've seen Revy, you know she's about to pop with another SurferKind, but that's now what this news is about.  This is about Preggy Revy giving birth to a new surfboard in Second Life.

Revy has come out with a kit for a DIY SL™ surfboard.  For those of you who don't know Revy, I'm talk'n about Revy Lunasea (Revlon Benoir).  She's the smarter and prettier half of the Revy & Mick Lunasea couple.

Revy's idea with this project is to create a learning tool to help the SL™ community have something to help them understand a bit about the internals of how a surfboard works.  It's designed to work with most of the surf-able waves in Second Life and use the normal WASD and Arrow Keys for interacting with the riding scripts.  The DIY board doesn't have all of the trick and other animation features of some of the commercial boards, but it does have the basics for sitting, paddling, standing, and turning in and out.  However, since this is an open DIY board, tricks and other things can be added (if you've got a lot more scripting talent than this writer).  While this isn't an SL™ Surfing Association sanctioned board, it can be a free way to learn more about surfing and end up with a surf-able board you've customized.

These boards will be available at Surfcrazy and Pray 4 Surf shops on Bratta Beach and at Surfcrazy Tsunami and Pray 4 Surf Tsunami on Freeport Beach.

To help with figuring out how to use and modify the board, Revy has posted complete instructions on her Revy's World website.

If a Do It Yourself thing isn't your thing, Revy will be coming out with a more enhanced commercial version of this board that is planned to include things like Mocap surfing animations, tricks, mesh decks, and configuration menus.  Keep an eye out at the Surfcrazy and Pray 4 Surf shops for availability soon.

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