Friday, January 4, 2013

Survey about SL™ Business

I ran across this and thought it might be kind of interesting.  The Centre for Business Development is doing a survey of SL™ residents from both a consumer and a business operator perspective.  While I'm personally a cheapskate in SL™ and RL, I'm not immune to the old shopping bug.

According to the SL Business Review, "The Centre for Business Development, in its first official initiative composed a survey to get a sense of some feelings and perspectives from the SL community and virtual business owners."  The Centre says they're, "a collaborative of business people in SL dedicated to growing and improving SL to benefit residents, businesses and Linden Labs."

There are no specific personal questions about SL™ or RL asked in the survey (unless you consider sex personal... hmmm).  If you're concerned about them farming your location from your IP address, use a proxy server or something while taking the survey.

Who knows if this will help any of us out, but I'm going to keep tabs on it and see what they have to say once the survey results are analyzed.  Hopefully it will be more insightful than the recently published study, "Virtually Naked: Virtual Environment Reveals Sex-Dependent Nature of Skin" by Anna M. Lomanowska, Matthieu J. Guitton.  I mean, after extensive data collection and analysis, it was determined women in SL™ show more skin than men?  Really?  Have you seen the new resizable mesh breasts?  Ahh... that's another story.

Actually, it is a pretty interesting read.

Disclaimer:  I take no responsibility for anything I say or report, let alone any risk associated with going to other web sites such as the above nor use of any proxy server.


  1. The only tough thing is trying to figure out if a surfboard is a gadget or a vehicle. And is a blog really a business?

  2. Hey guys. I'm Bill Kaye, Editor of SL Business Review - a founder of the CBD and conductors of the poll. Thank you for your feedback though I must admit I got nervous about the impending review when I saw the link. I appreciate the thoughtful comments and I assure everyone who takes the poll that I would not know what to do with an IP address if I somehow did know how to farm. I appreciate the kind words: "Actually, it is a pretty interesting read." I'm not sure what this will really tell us as you had pointed out. And I'm excited to see this results. My best hope is that someone in SL can actually use this data. Be assured we'll let you know when the data is compiled. Thanks again :)


    1. Thanks for your comments, Bill. I'm really interested in seeing the results of your survey as I'm sure are others in SL. If you have any tips for keeping up with knowing when they're published, I'd sure appreciate it.

      My comment "Actually, it is a pretty interesting read" was referring to the study on AV sex dependent skin exposure in SL. They were looking for a way to conduct a study that wasn't influenced by climate and other real world variables, so they decided to look at SL. They tried to take a number of things into account, like gender benders, role play constraints, body shape, etc. Their conclusion seems pretty obvious to those of us who have been in SL for very long, but the descriptions of how they conducted their study and drew their conclusions were pretty interesting to me at least.

  3. oh and btw Cierra - I had a tough time with those too :)