Friday, November 16, 2012

Unhinged Festival for Eku's Head

My oldest friend in Secondlife is a woman who is wonderfully funny and witty, very intelligent, and a phenomenal builder in SL.  She's also very ill, not that you'd ever guess it from being around her.  She's like that.  When she's not building (and that's not very often), she enjoys going to clubs, dancing, and just general trouble making just as much as the next person... well, maybe even more.  Her name is Eku Zhong.  After seven years of treatments and surgeries, Eku is faced with another life threatening challenge.  She and her RL/SL partner, Yure, need our help.

Several of Eku and Yure's friends are having a fund raising festival, the Unhinged Festival For Eku's Head.  The festival will run from November 15, 2012 through December 15, 2012 and will be full of dancing to the music provided by DJ's and live performers, a big Gacha fair with lots of skull themed merchandise.  Check out the Unhinged web site for more information.

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