Monday, November 26, 2012

SL Surfing Association - Meet Your Candidates

The SL Surfing Association will be holding its election for three Board of Director positions on December 1, 2012.  Cierra Theriac's great blog, Surf Side, which covers everything there is about the Second Life™ Surfing Association and things related to surfing in SL has posted the candidate submissions as received by the current SLSA Board of Directors.
There are a total of five Directors, with seats being vacated by Imzadi Amaterasu, Bobbi Laval, and Melian Catronis.  Remaining Directors are Sally LaSalle and Xander Datura.  Five candidates have submitted their applications to run for these three seats.  In the order their applications were received, they are MaryAnn Maa Rustamova, Willowwynn Resident, JohnnyWhadd, iLaurenB Resident, and Cierra Theriac.

Complete candidate submissions can be viewed on the SLSA forum or on Cierra's Surf Side blog.

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