Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meet Your Candidates for the SLSA Board of Directors

From the SL Surfing Association forum post:

Meet Your Candidates for Two Vacancies on the Board of Directors to be filled by an election on March 1, 2015!

An election for 2 SLSA Director Positions will be held on March 1st, using a voting machine on Solace Dreams just outside the SLSA Clubhouse.
If you are an eligible voter (i.e., you have competed in one of the last 6 events or volunteered in one of the last 3 events or are a hall of fame inductee), you will receive a notice when voting is open.

We sincerely wish to thank each of the following candidates, who graciously and selflessly have chosen to stand for election on March 1st. We thank these candidates for their community spirit and willingness to serve. They all deserve our appreciation. Each of the following statements was prepared by the respective candidates.


Countess Decosta

Ive been around the surfing community since 2007 and been involved in all aspects of the community.

I would love to step up and help for the next six months


Name: Daphne Yardley-Wayward
Team: Lucky 13
Outside of Surfing: I cheer for SLCS Cheerleaders, I help run SLCS Airlines and I'm blocker for M.Inc.Riot Bitches of the Second Life Roller Derby Association.

My vision:
I think my vision for SLSA to expand it and make it more visible across grid. WIth the visibility, it can bring more sponsors to our competitions. Also organizing concerts with tribute bands and having parties will help our brand grow and attract more people that never have surf before.

I commit to serve a 6 month term.


I, Zelda Zimberman, am able to stand as director and fulfill the full six month term. I surf for Montego team. I've been surfing slsa comps since 2011 and enjoy having fun during the comps.

I like surfing with everyone and open to help out the group. I'm trying for director so I can see it still running. My vision for the slsa is for it to just be active. I think collaboration and word of mouth from everyone is important for the slsa to be noticed. I would also like to see more participation and most importantly, everyone having fun! ^.^


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