Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cheap Date or Cheapskate?

So, how much do y’all figger is a reasonable amount to spend on a date?  Dinner, a couple of drinks, and a movie could be had for about 30 bucks apiece, right?  That works out to be around 74,100L$ based upon today’s exchange rate.  Sounds pretty steep in SL, doesn’t it?  One “adult” drink probably runs around 850L$.

The SL Surfing Association is holding a Summer Fling Dance along with a fund raiser Date Auction with a number of sexy surfers up for grabs!  All you’ve got to do is drop by the auction boards sometime before 8:30PM SLT on September 6th and submit your bid.  You can click on the auction board to get more information about each surfer.  Auction results will be announced at the end of the Summer Fling Dance at Hotel Coronado which begins at 7PM SLT.

All auction proceeds go toward helping fund the SLSA.  If you'd like to show your support, or just looking to meet someone for a date, check out the auction.  We all know surfer chicks ROCK!!!  (OK, the guys to do too).

BTW, yours truly is on the auction block.  Did you know that roundtrip air fair and hotel to the Bahama’s is only about 235,638L$ right now?

Jus say’n…

Location of Auction Boards

Hotel Coronado Location

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