Sunday, February 23, 2014

Surf-Jam is Back!!!

Yep, you read that right.  On Saturday, March 8th at 11AM SLT, Vibrations Surf Alliance and San Diego Surf Club are bringing back the historic Surf-Jam competitions with Surf-Jam 20!!

Saturday March 8th, 11 AM SLT

Spectator stand will be set up on Encinitas On The Grid and the competition will be next door at Swamis Beach .

There will be a cash price purse of 10,000L$ (Woooo Hooo!!!!), SJ 20 commemorative Surfboards, and Sands Custom Tri-Fin trophy board for the top 3 surfers.

If that isn't enough fun, there will be a live Jimmy Buffet concert directly after the B final!

In the words of the Big Kahuna himself (OK... so it's really VW Sands):


Welcome to Surf-Jam TWENTY! 

SJ 20 is being brought to you by The Vibrations Surf Alliance and our friends at the San Diego Surf Club.

If you have never surfed in Surf-Jam (SJ) perhaps a short history lesson will bring ya up to speed. Old timers, humor us............................

The VSA Surf-Jam was created back in 2007 to provide Vibes members their own contests in a relaxed and less "serious" environment, mainly for the benefit of new riders to get a taste of the comp scene before heading out to the SLSA events.  As such, SJ tends to have a more relaxed "feel" and I hope you all contribute to that while surfing here :-)

Surf-Jam is NOT an approved or sanctioned SLSA event. This contest has no bearing on your current SLSA points standing. You won´t become famous and have your own salad dressing nor will the sponsors come calling with bazillion dollar contracts. Beer drinking, bong hits and embarrassing moments encouraged. Drama, whining, verbal tolerance.

Surf-Jam 20 will be held on Joaquina waves. Boards are "Surfers Choice".  Ride what you have most fun on. We all have a favorite board. I personally can´t stand boards that rocket me into 300 foot air rides but if that´s your thing go for it. Ride what ya like :-)

We will be using a modified ASP timed heat format of 15 minute heats in the pre-lim rounds and semi`s,  and 20 minutes for both finals.
The top two (2) scores from each of the 6 pre-lims will advance to the semis and the top 4 P3 scores (2 from pre-lims, 2 from semi´s) will advance to the B FINAL. This format keeps 14 of the 24 pre-lim riders in the water and 10 of 12 semi´s riders in the water :-) As always your top 2 waves will be totaled and averaged. Scoring is 0.0 - 10.00 at .5 increments.

Judges and support staff will be on the spectator sim. Only the riders and Marshal on the surf sim. This should create a less laggy environment and lend to the feel of just surfing with your friends which is the whole point ;-)

The B FINAL for places 7 through 10 will be held after the main final. 

ALL riders please TP to the spectator area no later than 10.45 SLT."

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