Monday, August 5, 2013

SL Surfing Association's 2013 Second Season Begins

Registration is now open for registration to the first competition of the SL Surfing Association's 2013 Second Season.  The Solace Dreams Open will be held on August 17th to be followed with the Pro event on August 24th.  This will be an SSi Short Board series on Tahiti waves.

To register for the event, you need to be a member of the inworld SL Surfing Association Group and register on the SLSA's web-base forum.

Not all competition venues have been selected for this coming season, but the line up so far is:

Solace Dreams , Short Board, Tahiti waves

Island Dreams, HP5, Moali waves

Still open

Chi, Fluffies, Short Board

Tsunami Wave - specific wave and board type have not yet been selected

If you're not able to compete and want to watch any of these Second Life based competitions, spectator are always available.  Stay tuned for specific spectator location information as we get closer to each event.

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